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Bag filter dust collector is widely used in cement, mineral processing, electronics, chemicals, food processing, metallurgy, casting, carbon materials, machining, timber building materials and other industries.

Working principle of industrial dust collector: Dust gas enters the middle and lower enclosures through the air inlet of the precipitator. The dust and gas are separated through the filter of the filter bag. Dust is adsorbed on the surface of the filter bag, and clean air is discharged from the air outlet through the filter bag. Increasing the amount of dust deposited on the surface of the filter bag over time is increasing. According to the procedure set by the pulse blower, the pulse blow valve triggers on in sequence. Compressed air inside the air bag is instantly blown out from each hole of the injection pipe and sprayed into the corresponding filter bag via the venturi. The dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter bag then falls off into the hopper and is discharged through the discharge valve Directly into the warehouse.

Product Features:

1. The LCM-D/G series long bag off-line pulse dust remover adopts the chamber-separated air-discharge pulse cleaning cleaning technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collectors and sub-chamber anti-blow dust collectors, and has strong cleaning ability and high dust removal efficiency, and low concentration, low air leakage, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, less floor space, stable and reliable operation, and good economic returns. It is applicable to the purification of dust gas and recovery of materials in metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, electric power and light industry.

2. As a result of the use of air-separation wind-down pulses to clean the ash and spray once to achieve the goal of complete cleaning, the dedusting cycle is prolonged, which reduces the energy consumption of cleaning, and the pressure consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the degree of fatigue of the filter bag and the pulse valve is also reduced, thereby multiplying the life of the filter bag and the valve plate.

3. Maintenance and replacement bags can be kept in the system fan, the system under normal operating conditions under the room. Bag bag mouth adopts elastic ringing, good sealing performance, firm and reliable. The filter bag keel adopts a polygonal shape, which reduces the friction between the bag and the keel, prolongs the life of the bag, and facilitates the unloading of the bag.

4. The use of the upper bag way, when the bag is replaced when the skeleton, the dirty bag into the lower hopper of the box, removed from the manhole to improve the bag replacement operating conditions.

5. The use of airtight enclosure design, good sealing, check the door with excellent sealing material, the production process to detect leaks with kerosene, air leakage rate is very low.

6. The inlet and outlet air ducts are compactly arranged and the airflow resistance is small.


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