Auxiliary Equipment

Furnace Feeding Car

    Strong suction

    Energy efficient

    Easy installation

    Simple operation

    Easy to maintain 

    High conversion rate after power on

    Special coils can guarantee a long service life

    Fully enclosed structure



The vibrationcharging car is applied in the medium frequency induction furnace steelmaking workshop and refining furnace cold steel workshop of iron and steel plant. It is installed at the rear end of corresponding equipment and arranged horizontally or vertically. Each furnace can be equipped with 1-2 charging cars.

Product Features:

1. Main functions

1) In order to reduce labor intensity and labor cost, scrap steel is added into the designated equipment quickly and intensively instead of the original manual or sucker operation.

2) The charging car realizes centralized feeding mode, reduces the frequency and time of the original process feeding, greatly improves the feeding efficiency, makes the workshop work at full load, so as to improve the output.

3) The long-distance transportation of the charging car solves the influence of the original grab type feeding on the space of the dust collection device, thus contributing to the collection and treatment of dust.

4) The remote control operation of the equipment helps to make the field operation simple and convenient.


2. Composition and structure

The feeding truck is composed of frame, hopper, walking device, vibration device and control system.


3. Technical innovation

1) The hopper discharge adopts vibration motor vibration mode, with high vibration frequency, so as to improve the work efficiency;

2) The electrical components are designed at the rear of the equipment, which can be far away from the feeding area and increase the reliability of the equipment operation;

3) Remote control (remote control) operation control mode is adopted to stop the machine freely and cut off the power supply in emergency;

4) The equipment is small in size and takes up less space; it is easy to operate and flexible to use.


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