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Continuous Caster Machine for the steel billet

    Relying on many leading experts

    Low manufacturing cost

    Easy to maintain

    The yield of applicable metals is 96-98%

    Reduced trimming during rolling

    Reduce energy costs

    Increase productivity

    Improve metal uniformity

    Absorb and digest the practical experience of each user

    Automate the casting process and reduce the number of personnel

    Optimum combination of modern rolling mill and caster capabilities



The pouring ladle containing the liquid metal is fed into the continuous casting machine by the bridge crane and installed on the shoulder of the pouring steel turntable in the standby position. By turning the caster stand, the ladle is moved to the pouring position and the tundish starts to be filled with molten steel. When the metal in the tundish reaches a specified level, the plug opens and the metal begins to flow into the mold. When the metal level is reached, the die swing mechanism and the ingot pulling drive are automatically turned on. The ingot leaving the mold enters the secondary cooling zone. As the ingot passes, the water cooling zone is turned on, providing the specified ingot cooling mode. After the dummy head exits the tension leveling device, the dummy head is separated from the workpiece and moved to the parking place. The continuous blank enters the operating area of the oxygen cutter, where it is cut to cut length. The cut billets are sent to a cooling bed, cooled evenly to 300-400°C, and then sent to an intermediate storage rack before rolling. When the heat setting process is carried out, the workpiece is immediately fed into the charging roller table of the heating furnace

Product Features:

Meltcast offers a wide range of radial casters, basic radius R=2-12m and curved casters with multi-point bending resistance system, specially designed for molten steel casting and obtaining billets in the range of 60*60, 70*70, 80*80, 90*90, 100*100, 110*110, 120*120, 125*125, 130*130, 150*150, 180*180, 200*200 mm - 450*450mm, rectangle Blanks (flowers, slabs) 300*110mm - 2000*300mm.

I Ladle turret

Function:ladle turret play the role of moving the steel from the ladle to pull the steel into continuous casting.

Components: rotary arm, trotary bearing, transmission device

Load capacity:0-200T

Angle of ratation: 360°

Rotating speed:1r/min

Swing motor caoacity: 2-15KW


II.Tundish car

Function:Tundish car is located on the casting platform for the support and transfer of tundish.

Application:Normally two tundish cars are used on the continuous casting machine, one with a tundish in casting operation, the other with a tundish waiting for casting. This realizes the multi-heat continuous casting. The car is provided with a fine tuning centering device to center the tundish port with the center point of mould port.

Carry capacity:1-10t

Mass of a car body:1.0-2.0t

III. Mould

Main Technical

Water jacket:4-8mm

Copper Tube length(mm): 812,850,900,1000

IV  Energy-saving withdrawal and straightening machine

The withdrawal and straightening machine is a key of a continuous caster, which is used to insert the dummy bar into mould and withdrawal the strand from the mould and straight it with the dummy bar.

Caster radius: R2-14

Power(KW): 13.6

withdrawal speed range(m/min): 0.4-4.2


V. Rigid dummy bar

Application: The dummy bar is used to tract and lead the cooled and solidified       strand and pull it out by the withdrawal and straightening machine.

Features: In order to avoid the deformation of dummy bar body due to heating, dummy bar is equippted with a colling water pipe inside the bar body. It has the features of smaller deformation, long device life, simple structure and installation, easy opration and maintenance. 

Outer bow radius of bar body: R4000mm, R5250mm, R6000mm, R7000mm, R8000mm, R9000mm

Section dimension of bar body:90x90mm, 100x100mm, 120x120mm, 150x150mm, 160x160mm, 170x170mm, 80x240mm, 160x400mm

VI.Dummy bar storage

Speed for transmission speed:0-4m/min

Device:motor and reducer




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