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Steel Rolling Mill Machine for Steel Bar

    Smooth rolling

    Rolling small

    Stable operation

    Fast roll change

    High Yield

    Manufacturing tolerances are small

    Improve product quality

    Increase productivity

    Save maintenance time

    Good pre-adjustment performance of rolling mill



A rolling mill is a machine that plastically deforms the rolling stock. It is the actuator throughout the rolling process. Compared with the rolling mill with the lowering device, the upward rolling mill is well received by customers for its features such as smooth rolling, small rolling, and improved product quality. Especially for KI-K4 ordinary rebar rolling mill, it is beneficial to improve the precision of finished products. The height-adjusted two-high mill is a manual device, and the adjustment speed of the lower pressure is slow, so it is not recommended to use the height-adjusted two-high mill to change the size of the rolled material. Bearings, roller adjustment mechanisms, roller balancing devices, housings and other components.

MElTCAST can produce universal rolling mills, short stress rolling mills, shellless rolling mills, two high rolling mills, three high rolling mills

Product Features:

Advantages of short stress mill:

(1) The high rigidity of the short stress rolling mill ensures the high precision of the product and is easy to offset rolling again.

(2) Symmetrical adjustment can be achieved. This is of great significance for stable operation, improving production efficiency, saving maintenance time for replacing guide shield beams, reducing operational accidents, avoiding process accidents (such as elbows, impacts, paper rolls) and extending guide shields.

(3) Because the short stress rolling mill changes the force transmission path, it reduces the effect of the concentrated load of the screw distributed on both sides of the bearing seat, so that the bearing and the bearing seat can bear better stress, which is twice the life of the bearing seat. Bearings, more than half of Ordina mills, thus reducing product costs.

(4) The roll system of this type of short stress rolling mill is pre-installed and adjusted before the roll change.

The system can be replaced after about ten minutes of shutdown. After the new adjusted roll system rolls a steel, the product is qualified. Therefore, the presetting performance of the rolling mill is good, the roll change is fast, and the output is high.

1. Roller: A component that plastically deforms the metal.


2. Roller bearing: Support the roller and keep the fixed position of the roller in the housing. The working load of the roller bearing varies greatly, so the bearing is required to have a small friction coefficient, sufficient strength and rigidity, and it is required to be a convenient roller.


3. Rolling mill housing: Consists of two "housings" for mounting roll chocks and roll adjustment devices, requiring strength and rigidity to withstand rolling forces.


4. Roll adjustment device: It is used to adjust the roll gap to make the rolled piece reach the required number of seconds. The top-adjusting device for the second-high rolling mill is also known as the "pressing device"


5. Upper roll balancing device: a device used to lift the upper roll and prevent the rolling stock from impacting into the roll.



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