Casting & Milling Line

Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine

    Continuously variable speed

    Run smoothly

    High automatic mold release

    High ingot production efficiency

    Ingot weight uniform

    High degree of automation

    Low labor intensity

    Easy to operate

    Simple maintenance

    Safe and reliable

    Low operating cost

    Low pollution to the environment



This ingot casting machine is used for fully automatic control production of 5.5kg+/-0.5kg aluminum ingots of ADC series. The casting machine can meet the 24-hour continuous production requirements and meet the casting production process requirements.

Aluminum ingots. The ingot mold should be baked to a temperature of at least 60°C before the molten aluminum is poured into the ingot mold.

Product Features:

I. The pouring machine adopts the linear circulation method. The power transmission part adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation. The driving power is only 4.0KW, which is more energy-saving and stable in operation. The meter directly shows the speed of the pouring machine per minute. The demoulding adopts universal hoop (patented product) and pneumatic hammer, and the demoulding rate reaches more than 99%.

II. The ingot casting machine has the advantages of automatic distribution of molten aluminum, variable frequency speed regulation, high production efficiency, uniform ingot weight, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, convenient operation, and simple maintenance.

III. The ingot casting machine is manufactured according to the current national standards.

IV. The whole system is safe and reliable, with low operating cost, no large amount of steam and little environmental pollution. Due to the use of bottom water cooling, the product quality is greatly improved and the operation is convenient.


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