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High Precision Casting Manipulator

    High stability

    Easy to use


    High security

    Short delivery time,

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    Automatically adjust the balance state



The casting manipulator is especially suitable for small and medium-sized foundry production enterprises, such as precision casting of cast steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and other alloys A series of operations such as molten steel in front of the furnace and mobile casting are all completed by one person independently on the fixture. The working range of the manipulator is 3m, which can be customized according to actual requirements. The load of the manipulator is 100kg, 200kg, 300kg.

Product Features:

1. High stability, simple operation, high efficiency and short casting cycle.

2. After the pouring starts, when the quality of the ladle changes, it can still achieve a good balance.

3. The whole pouring process is very easy, fast and consistent, and the remaining molten steel in the ladle can be easily poured back into the furnace.

4. Intelligent control, fully realize automatic balance for any load within the rated load, no need to adjust.

5. High safety, set power-off protection and other mechanical safety mechanisms.

6. The operator can complete the whole pouring process with less force.

7. The main components are products of international famous brands, which are of high quality and low price.

8. The professional technical team can quickly connect to formulate plans, guide model selection, short delivery cycle, and perfect after-sales service.


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