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Every industry that works with metals such as foundries, chemical plants, forges, petroleum industry, heavy engineering industry, shipbuilding industry, defense organizations and Indian Railways relies on shot blasting machines to clean and polish metals for surface preparation.

Metal parts are shot blasted in preparation for subsequent processing such as painting or powder coating. This step is required to ensure that the coating adheres properly to the part. Shot blasting can remove impurities such as dirt and grease, as well as metal oxides such as rust and scale, and remove surface burrs to make them smooth.

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1. What does the shot blasting machine do?

Shot blasting machines use centrifugal wheels to push abrasives to mechanically remove a layer of surface and impurities from metal and steel products.

2. What is the shot blasting process?

During the shot blasting process, the centrifugal shot blaster throws steel shots and other media onto the surface at high speed. This will remove debris and other particles from the surface. Steel shot, chopped wire and nutshells are the shot media that goes into the hopper that feeds the blaster.

3. What is the difference between shot blasting and shot peening?

Shot peening is used to remove corrosion and tarnish from metals, and shot peening is the process of choice for toughening and strengthening metals. Shot peening (not to be confused with abrasive shot peening) is a technique used to reduce residual surface stresses and improve medium to long-term fatigue life.

4. What material is used for shot blasting?

Steel grit, copper shot, and aluminum oxide are examples of metallic abrasive media used in shot peening. Other shot blasting ingredients include silica sand, glass beads, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and even produce like crumbs.


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