Foundry Equipment

Sand Molding Machine

    Improve productivity

    Efficient and stable, 24-hour continuous operation

    Sand saving

    Safe use

    Built in memory function, no need to adjust when replacing the mold

    Low equipment failure rate

    Simple operation

    Low energy consumption



This green sand jolt squeeze molding machine is economic molding solution for manual and simply automatic clay sand casting production. Jolt squeeze molding machine do not need big floor space. and itis flexible to increase molding machines when casting production increasing.

Jolt squeeze molding machine can be operated for manual casting foundry and also adapts to simple casting line. Pneumatic cranes can be used to hang up and transfer finished molds.

Product Features:


The machine is suitable for large-scale production of castings with deep concavity and difficult mold opening, such as mechanical parts for motor housing sewing machine.

The automatic top box molding machine has the characteristics of scientific and reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance and good mold quality.

The machine will perform shaking, compression, mold opening, etc. all mechanically. (The mold opening mechanism uses cylinders, connecting rods, synchronous shafts, etc. to achieve synchronized mold opening.)

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