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1. High frequency induction heating machine is widely used in quenching process. For example, quenching treatment of machine tool guide rails, as well as quenching, forging, red punching, etc. It is also widely used for quenching of large diameter gears, sprockets, etc. During these heat treatments, we often require our high frequency induction heating machines to be equipped with CNC quenching tooling.

2. Welding: As long as the application of welding is metal connection, a lot of high-frequency equipment must be used, and the high-frequency equipment mainly welds composite plates and coal drill bits.

3. Thermal deformation: Thermal deformation is mainly the shape change of various workpieces. The main application is the processing of bolts, nuts, and bar forgings.

4. Heat treatment: The heat treatment process is carried out during the heating process of the workpiece. Localized heat treatment of automotive parts, heat treatment of mechanical gears and sprockets, etc. are widely used processes.

The above is the main process flow of high frequency induction heating equipment application. In fact, there are many different applications. However, according to the requirements of different workpieces, we can effectively combine these processes and combine the advantages of various processes. , you'll get different artifacts.

Product Features:

I. 80KW/30-80Khz high-frequency induction heating machine adopts automatic frequency tracking and multi-channel closed-loop control.

II. High-frequency induction heating is safer and more energy-efficient than other heating methods such as oxyacetylene flame, coke oven, salt bath furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace, etc.

III. Remote control can be connected to the PLC via connecting wire.

IV. can be connected with an external infrared thermostat to automatically control the heating temperature, improve product heating quality and reduce manual operations.

V. High-frequency induction heating machine has less heat dissipation, less smoke and dust, and the workshop temperature is not low or too high, which improves the workshop environment and working conditions.


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