Heating Furnace

Induction heating furnace

    Produce process is easy

    Fast speed of work piece heating

    High control accuracy of temperature.

    Good heat uniformity of work piece

    Easy to change and replace.

    Low energy consumption and high efficiency

    Fit environmental protection requirement 



Heating before forging: used in gear, gear ring, axle shaft connecting rod, bearing, shackle, and rigging heating before forging.

Heating online: corrosion prevention spraying of pipes, bar blue brittleness blanking, and steel wire/tubes tempering online.

Local heating: u-shape bolts bending, roller thermal assembling, steel tube bending heating process

Product Features:

IF heating is one of the most popular and best heating methods of metal material,has been widely used in fields applying oil,gas and coal or other similar heating products by speedy heating,high efficiency and low production cost, low heating radiation,labor intensity and pollution conforming to environmental protection requirement,easily controllable temperature,small burning loss, high automatic degree that assures quality and enables production in semi-automatic machine tool and other advantages.


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