Melting Furnace

Aluminum Shell Crucible Induction Melting Furnace

    Best price, quality ratio and fast payback

    Achieve high return with low operating costs

    Melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals

    Melting unit and converter is simple and reliable

    Low loss of charge and alloying elements

    Takes up little space in the workshop

    Investment cost is low

    Aluminum non-magnetic housing

    Continuous melting 24 hours.

    Convenient change the composition of metal

    Required staff have low qualification



Aluminum-cased induction crucible furnaces with thyristor converters are designed for melting ferrous and non-ferrous metals in industrial facilities. It can be used for smelting and refining of molten steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper. Typically, such induction furnaces are equipped with two melting units to ensure that when one unit needs to be relined and repaired, the other electric furnace can continue to work, increasing the service life of the induction heating furnace. They are high performance, cost effective, reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and easy to manage. Three-shift furnaces are the best, but many of our customers melt metal in one shift.

Aluminium body induction melting furnaces with gear motor tilting mechanism are a reliable, safe and economical solution for your foundry. Aluminum shell thyristor induction furnaces have been successfully used in large metallurgical plants and small private enterprises.

Product Features:

I Power supply:

The cabinet of the thyristor frequency converter is made of steel plate and has controls on the front panel. Cabinets are not protected from shop dust and therefore require regular cleaning. To prevent dust, the main control board is placed in a box that can be locked with a key.

When commissioning, the thyristor frequency converter needs to be configured by Meltcast experts. We only put induction melting furnaces into operation after commissioning by our technical department.

Thyristor frequency converters are made according to the scheme of an adjustable rectifier with a subsequent inverter. The control board is designed with modern digital technology, which is not only responsible for control, but also protects the power electronic equipment from factors such as overvoltage, inductor short circuit, inverter stall, cooling hydraulic drop, single-phase fault, etc.

Based on feedback from our customers, this class of thyristor drives is versatile and ideal for powering furnaces.

KGPS inverter power supply

II. Compensate Capacitor:

The capacitor bank is a group of large-capacity water-cooled intermediate frequency electric heating capacitors with metal shells. Capacitor banks are mounted on a metal frame and connected to each other by copper bars. Capacitors are placed in metal housings and are equipped with input-water outlets and a bus for connecting intermediate frequency currents. On this type of furnace, a parallel oscillating circuit is used. The resonance of the current causes the current flowing from the capacitor to the furnace to be four times stronger than the current flowing from the generator to the capacitor bank. Make sure that the cooled current leads are not near metal structures or metal floors. Failure to follow this rule will result in burnout of the cooling current leads.


III. Furnace Body

The mechanical parts of the MF furnace consisted of furnace pot,water power introduced into the system, titling device and other parts.

The melting unit design of this type of furnace has no magnetic circuit, so the aluminum shell is not affected by the magnetic field of the inductor. To prevent short-circuiting and melting of induction furnace currents, the non-magnetic aluminum housing consists of two halves, the front and rear halves are electrically isolated with the help of insulating spacers. The durable aluminum body holds loads well when melting and tilting the furnace during metal pouring. However, it cannot withstand spills onto molten metal bodies.


IV Induction Coil

Inside the housing there is an inductor made of rectangular copper tube with cooling water inlet and terminals for connecting to electricity. On the sides, the aluminum housing has lugs for attaching the turntable, which is mounted on a concrete base or a steel frame.

The induction coil is the heart of the induction furnace, and the induction coil will generate a strong magnetic field under the action of the current. Coil design is very important because the coil is a critical part of the conversion between electrical energy and heat. Made of 99.99% red copper.


V Tilting Reducer

The rotation of the furnace is carried out with the help of an electric motor and a gearbox. The melter controls the rotation of the furnace by means of a remote control installed at a convenient location. If the electric drive fails, the metal can be drained by turning the handle on the stove's emergency tilting.


VI Tilting Control Box:

Tilting control box is in front of the furnace body, used to control the tilting (in the range of 0 ~ 95 degrees). It uses gear and steering operation, reliable, smooth, non-impact and creeping phenomenon, can stay in any position.

VII Water Cooling Cables:

Water-cooled cables made of high-quality material T2 multi-strand copper wire, outside is a high- strength fire-resistant rubber tube, connector cold forming, good contact and tensile strength.


VIII Standard Equipment of Induction Melting Furnace

Standard Equipment of Induction Melting Furnace

IX Options for changing the configuration at the request of the customer

Options for changing the configuration at the request of the customer


MF crucible coreless  induction furance parameters

MF crucible coreless  induction furance parameters

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