Melting Furnace

Steel Shell Crucible Coreless Industrial Induction Melting Furnace

    High melting rate

    High productivity with low operating costs

    Pre-assembled modules for shortest installation time

    High power density and melt shop automation reduce labor costs

    Easily change metal grades

    Short start-up time and fast charging sequence

    Use magnetic circuits to save energy

    personnel safety

    low noise level

    Easy to maintain



Steel-cased induction melting furnaces provide melting of steel, iron, copper, aluminium and alloys to foundries around the world serving the following markets: general engineering; wind and solar industries; automotive industry; copper and aluminium semi-finished products industry.

Steel shell induction melting furnaces with hydraulic tilt melting units are the most needed solution for small and large series foundries. Melting equipment is used to heat and melt cast iron, steel, aluminum and other metals. The hydraulic tilt control of the furnace ensures optimum running smoothness when the induction melting furnace is raised and lowered and is capable of driving multi-ton melting units.

Product Features:

I Power supply:

Meltcast's Parallel Oscillating Circuit Converter

Meltcast's proprietary design was developed for induction melting equipment and is known for its safe and reliable performance, even under extreme load conditions. The converter control unit ensures maximum power output throughout the thermal cycle. The system provides perfect adjustment for mains voltage fluctuations and changing load conditions.

Characteristics of the parallel oscillator circuit converter:

1.Powerful DC link circuit with smoothing reactor for high operational reliability

2.Small load on the power inverter as it has to handle only the active current (not 5 to 10 times higher than the furnace current)

3.High electrical efficiency

4.Low power pollution

5. 6, 12 or 24 pulse design options

6. easy to maintain

Converter power for the induction furnace

The rectifier and inverter bridges use water-cooled high-power thyristors (SCRs).

In addition to this thyristor solution (SCR), Meltcast uses innovative transistor technology (IGBT) in the inverter section, while retaining the proven parallel oscillator circuit principle to reduce the inverter load.

Additional features of IGBT converters:

Excellent inherent protection against current, voltage and temperature peaks

Sustained high power factor (cosine phi) close to 1.0 at the converter inlet

Less stringent cooling water requirements due to indirect cooling

MF converter "POWER-SOLUTION" - powerful power supply, full power from the beginning to the end of melting, maximum melting speed. A new generation of thyristor inverters - high power output accuracy (error <1%), the power increase time from 0 to 100% does not exceed 200ms, and the full digital control board ensures high control accuracy and reliability. Imported components - Germany, US, Switzerland, UK and Japan.

Induction melting furnace power supply

The maximum protection of PROTECT ELECTRIC system - equipment operation safety, 100% overvoltage protection, current protection, three-phase unbalance protection, rectifier bridge unbalance protection, mains undervoltage protection, leakage monitoring, metal leakage warning system on inductors, anti- Leakage protection cooling water overheating and underpressure; capacitor voltage limiters; inductors and voltage limiters over frequency, etc.

The MELT-CONTROL system is a computer system for controlling the melting and holding of metals. The system provides automatic diagnosis and continuous monitoring of furnace parameters from loading to tapping, provides automatic drying and sintering of furnace linings, starts the furnace in a cold state, and an energy saving mode. When a failure occurs, the system notifies the operator about the error and stores the information in its memory. Centralized control of induction furnaces (up to 4 nodes).

Induction furnace cabinet inside

II. Furnace Body


1. Hydraulic inclination in two directions of melting unit - 95° metal discharge and 25° slag; 

2. Design with weighing platform (weight sensor and controller); 

3. Suction furnace cover; 

4. High-quality TU1 oxygen-free copper inductor with advanced segment isolation technology; 

5. The melting unit is equipped with an automatic lifting safety net; 

6. Water cooling hose made in Korea.

Furnace body

Meltcast coils reflect our years of experience. Each coil is carefully manufactured from high-grade materials. Extensive testing ensures compliance with our stringent quality standards.

Our coils are designed and manufactured to provide high efficiency, superior rigidity and reliable protection against voltage flashover and thermal overload. Cooling coil arranged above/below active

The coils and the yokes around the coils are sized and constructed to substantially reduce leakage magnetic fields, increasing the efficiency of the furnace melting. Coil assemblies are designed to ensure:

Reliably fix the coil in the radial and axial directions;

Reliable protection of coils from mechanical damage;

Damage and Metal Splash;

Easy access to coils for maintenance and repairs;

Effectively reduce noise emissions;

Reliable protection of operators from magnetic fields.

III  Hydraulic tilting furnace device

The hydraulic tilt control of the medium frequency coreless induction furnace furnace ensures optimal running smoothness when the induction melting furnace is raised and lowered and is capable of driving multi-ton melting units.

By means of two hydraulic cylinders acting in parallel, the melting unit, including the crucible, can be tilted by 95° in one direction. Hydraulic cylinders are driven by hydraulic units (oil stations). The cylinder is controlled by a hydraulic valve.

Induction furnace tilt can be controlled by:

  Fixed control panel for tilting furnaces;

  In automatic and manual modes of the operator control panel.

For safety, when controlling the tilt of the melting unit, in the event of a power outage, a check valve is provided to prevent the furnace from tipping over and hitting.

hydraulic station

IV Control Box:

Tilting control box is in front of the furnace body, used to control the tilting (in the range of 0 ~ 95 degrees). It uses gear and steering operation, reliable, smooth, non-impact and creeping phenomenon, can stay in any position.

Control Cabinex

V Water Cooling Cables:

Water-cooled cables made of high-quality material T2 multi-strand copper wire, outside is a high- strength fire-resistant rubber tube, connector cold forming, good contact and tensile strength.


VIII Standard Equipment of Induction Melting Furnace

Standard Equipment of Induction Melting Furnace

IX Options for changing the configuration at the request of the customer

Options for changing the configuration at the request of the customer


MF crucible coreless  induction furance parameters

MF Steel Shell Induction Furance Parameters

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