Melting Furnace

Stainless Steel Precision Casting Induction Furnace

    Low energy consumption

    Fast melting

    High strength

    More stable

    Easier to operate

    High degree of intelligence

    Customized according to user needs



Precision casting rapid induction furnace is mainly used for rapid smelting of stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other metals, especially for precision casting.

Product Features:

The special furnace for precision casting is a new type of special furnace for precision casting developed by our company according to the technological requirements of precision casting, combined with years of experience in the research and development and production of intermediate frequency furnaces.


The equipment adopts KGCX series resonance intermediate frequency power supply and special furnace body. Compared with traditional equipment, it has been greatly improved in terms of energy consumption and stability. The average energy consumption is controlled within 550Kw.H/T. At present, it has saved 50 million kWh of electricity for hundreds of precision casting enterprises.


High-power power supply and reasonable coil matching shorten the melting speed to 20 minutes/furnace, which greatly improves production efficiency while reducing losses.


Optional intelligent detection and remote monitoring system has great advantages in technology, production process and actual parameters.


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