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Source guide for medium frequency induction furnace

Author : admin Time: 2022-10-23

Since the melting point of steel is 1370 degrees Celcius, you need a specialized furnace to achieve the proper temperature. Induction furnaces are used throughout the metalworking industry for the purpose of melting steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. An induction forge has the benefit of being both clean and highly controllable, making it easier to work with to achieve the results you need. Another great thing about induction furnaces is that they are available in many different sizes. This means even small business can take advantage of them by investing in smaller models, and upgrading as their business expands. If you’re in need of a melting furnace, here are seven things to consider when investing in a new or used induction furnace for sale.

1. The Noise Factor

In smaller spaces, loud noises can get annoying fast. When looking at an induction furnace for sale, it’s important to check the noise levels to ensure they are something you and your employees can tolerate. Some induction furnace models are designed to be efficiently noiseless, and if the sound is a factor, this something to keep an eye out for.

2. Cleanliness

Induction furnaces are perfect for businesses that want to maximize cleanliness. When compared to other furnaces, induction furnaces don’t use combustion to provide heat, this means there is no waste to clean up after the melting process. A cleaner work area is better for everyone, and it means less busy work for employees, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

3. Oxidation Melt Loss

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at an induction furnace for sale is that core type induction furnaces reduce the amount of oxidation that occurs during melting. This leads to lower rates of loss throughout the process and provides a large yield overall. When buying any type of furnace, it’s important to always keep this oxidation rate in mind to ensure you’re not going to be losing supplies down the line.

4. Refraction

When looking at the different sizes of induction furnaces for sale, keep in mind that smaller sizes require minimum refraction, whereas larger furnaces require greater amounts. However, while smaller can be better in this instance, the size you invest in will also depend on the size of your business. Larger businesses will overall benefit from a larger furnace simply due to the great amount of production required.

5. Production Rates

Induction furnaces are also capable of heating and melting metals faster. For companies that have large production requirements, this boost in productivity can allow you to fulfill orders faster, and in turn, increase your overall production rates.

6. Furnace Size

There is a bit more to cover when it comes to the size of your furnace. While small is typically better, manufacturers will usually give you a selection. For instance, one small furnace might carry 1kg of metal while another carries 2kg. The one you decide to go with will depend on the scale of your production and how much metal you need to be melted at a time.

7. Control

Induction furnaces are usually easy to install and offer you a high level of control during the melting process. This can also include control over the emissions of dust, smoke, and other various pollutants that can be released.

When looking at an induction furnace for sale, these are some of the most important things to consider. If you’re ever unsure of what you need, speak with a manufacturer for clarification. A manufacturer will be able to tell you what type of induction furnace you need, based on the types of metals you melt and the projects you work on, as well as the size that would benefit you most. With this in mind, you can be sure to find the right type of furnace for your business.

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