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How Steel is Melted and Made

Author : admin Time: 2022-10-23

Steel is so strong and has many effects on our lives. Humans have used this metal as a resource to build vehicles since 1800.

Steel forging and automobile manufacturing are quite long and interesting processes. If you want to learn more about how to melt steel into auto parts to keep us safe on the road, keep reading.

Which auto parts require steel?

Steel is used for gears, engine parts and the body of the car itself. It's a very solid substance, yet malleable if exposed to the right elements. It is also easy to bond metal parts to other parts when welding, making it ideal for trains, planes and cars.

Melting steel using an induction furnace

First, the model is sketched out. Each design is configured down to the last detail before the steel is melted. Then, the melting process can begin. Due to the high melting point of steel, a unique furnace is required to melt it to a usable temperature.

The melting point of steel is as high as 1370°C. More than a simple furnace is needed to melt and shape this sturdy metal.

This is where induction forging comes into play. Furnaces can turn this hard metal into molten iron. The final product is then packaged and shipped to the manufacturer. Using an induction melting furnace is more efficient than a conventional gas furnace. Not only do they distribute heat more evenly, but they also significantly improve the environment by reducing waste and gas emissions into the air.

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