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The Use and Maintenance of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

Author : admin Time: 2023-02-16

The correct and reasonable use method is an important condition for the equipment to maintain normal operation for a long time. The following are some matters that need to be paid attention to during operation:

1. When starting and shutting down the system, ensure that the system is in a low-power state. When adjusting the power, do not adjust the power to the maximum or reduce it to the minimum in an instant. During work, try to make the equipment work in a normal power state.

2. In the heating process, it is often necessary to perform operations such as feeding, slag removal, and discharging. Before performing such operations, first reduce the power. During the heating process, the dial cannot be turned to full power to reduce the temperature. Loss of furnace lining. In daily production, the integrity of the furnace lining should be checked at all times, and the scratches and gaps on the furnace lining should be repaired in time to prevent leakage and overflow accidents.

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