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MeltCast Closed Water Cooling System Operation Regulations

Author : admin Time: 2023-04-28

MeltCast closed water cooling system

The use of closed water cooling systems has become increasingly popular in various industries due to their many benefits. One of the most commonly used closed water cooling systems is the Meltcast closed water cooling tower. This system offers efficient cooling capabilities while minimizing water usage and reducing the risk of contamination.

Ⅰ.Preparation after installation.

1.Connect water cooling system control box, and the control box placed outdoors must take waterproof measures.

2.Add water to the water tank, flush the pipeline to prevent impurities from blocking the pipeline and affecting water quality; for the first time flushing the pipeline, tap water can be used soft water or purified water, and the water after flushing must be discharged and cannot be reused as circulating water.

Note: when opening the circulating water pump for the first time:

Need to start the circulating water pump multiple times, observe the balance of water supply, and continue to add water according to the actual situation, so that water circulates throughout the system.

Ⅱ.Preparatory work before the formal operation of water cooling

1. Add demineralized water or pure water to the water tank again to ensure that the pipeline is full of water. The operation method is the same as above.

2.Spray system

(1)Open the water outlet of the water tank, clean up the residue in the sink, and ensure that there are no sundries.

(2) Inject about 80% of water into the water tank, adjust the position of the working area of the ball valve, ensure the normal operation of the spray pump, and replenish water normally when the water level is low. The water supply pressure is recommended to be 0.05-0.3Mpa.

3. Fan System

(1) Make sure there are no foreign objects around the fan

(2) Turn the fan by hand to ensure that the blades can move normally.

Ⅲ. Operation of water cooling system

1. Turn on the spray pump

(1) Turn on the spray control switch on the control box

(2) Check the running direction of the water pump. If it is reversed, turn off the power immediately, replace two three-phase wires of the motor, and restart the switch.

(3) Observe the water level of the water tank,Prevent the spray pump from sucking in air and causing "air chamber" due to low water level.

2. Turn on the fan

(1) Turn on the fan control switch on the control box.

(2) Check the direction of the fan operation. Normally, it should be exhaust style,which means hot air is discharged from the air duct. If it is in the suction state, immediately turn off the power, exchange two of the three-phase wires of the motor, and restart the switch.

3.Start circulating water pump.

(1) Turn on the main pump control switch on the control box.

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