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1.Resonant capacitor's application

Electric heating capacitor is used for electric inductive heating system device,, sometimes called the resonant capacitor, the compensating capacitor , the commutation capacitor or the medium frequency capacitor. Electric capacitor is mainly used for not more than 3.6 kV rated voltage, frequency 50 KHZ and under controlled or adjustable ac power system, is dedicated to the improvement of induction heating, melting, stirring or casting device, and the power factor of similar applications.

2.DC filter capacitor's application

It is suitable for AC line voltage 380-1250v,the middle DC voltage is below 2kV,high power series resonant induction heating power supply of DC bus with high current and DC voltage support.

3.Protective capacitor's application

Protective capacitors are mainly used in the protection ground of series induction heating device and the resistance absorption circuit of direct connection to the protection of large current limiting current.

Product Features:

Our Product

1.Resonant capacitor ( also named of electric heating capacitor, compensating capacitor, inverter capacitor, power capacitor, medium frequency capacitor)

(1).Water cooled resonant capacitor ( have double sided water cooled without group, double sided water cooled with group, single sided water cooled)

(2).Air cooled resonant capacitor

2.DC filter capacitor ( have double sided water cooled, singled sided water cooled)

3.Protective capacitor ( have protective capacitor\ absorbed capacitor)

4. AC parellel capacitor

(1).AC High voltage shunt capacitor

(2).AC high voltage filter capacitor

(3).AC low voltage shunt capacitor


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