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How to make the lining for the intermediate frequency electric melting furnace?

Author : admin Time: 2023-05-08

sMeltCast steel shell melting furnace

1. MeltCast show you the process of making the melting furnace lining,Spread the asbestos cloth.

2. Knotting the bottom of the melting furnace, usually the height of the first layer of the crucible bottom is about 80-100mm, and each subsequent layer is 40-50mm, and the final layer should be 20-30mm higher than the bottom of the furnace. , Do not pile up, so as not to separate the size particles of the material. To avoid delamination, use a cutting fork to break up and smooth the freshly knotted surface layer before each addition. Knotting should be hammered vertically, not swinging from side to side. At the same time, pay attention not to damage the heat insulation layer when knotting. When knotting steel melting furnace lining, it should be light first and then heavy.

3. The order of knotting is the edge first and then the center, and knots are tied row by row in order. Shovel off the excess after hitting with a flat hammer, and keep the bottom of the melting furnace level.

4. Put the crucible membrane, which is concentric with the induction coil and in the same position, and put in the counterweight iron to avoid the displacement of the crucible membrane. the lining of the melting furnace 

5. Put the steel melting furnace lining material between the asbestos cloth and the crucible membrane, and knot it layer by layer, and tie it tightly layer by layer. The height of each layer of knotting is 50-60mm. Since the upper part of the furnace lining is subject to greater mechanical stress, generally 2% more boric acid can be added from the surface of the molten pool to the mouth of the crucible to obtain a good section.

6. Regardless of whether it is the bottom of the crucible or the wall of the crucible, the tightness of the knot is based on the feeling of counterattack force from the wrist. After the crucible wall is knotted, flatten it with a flat hammer. Crucible knotting is best done continuously and should not be interrupted.

7. Since the furnace mouth and nozzle have little effect on the service life of the furnace lining, water glass can be used as a binder for rapid prototyping. The operation method is: mix a small amount of boric acid water 1:1 water glass (clear water) with the furnace lining material and refractory mud to form a mixture (the consistency can be kneaded by hand to form a ball), and first apply an appropriate amount of water on the furnace mouth that has been built. Glass, then fill the mixture and compact it with a small hammer.

8. Generally, the furnace mouth and steel melting furnace mouth should be built as a slope with a low inside and a high outside to prevent the molten metal from overflowing.

After the crucible is knotted, use compressed air to blow off dust, sand, sundries, etc. scattered on the sensor.

9. After knotting the furnace mouth and the steel melting furnace mouth, bake the steel melting furnace mouth and the furnace mouth with fire,

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