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During the operate of mediate frequency induction furnace, the voltage is unstable or there is a sudden power failure. Is there any good solution or suggestion?

Author : admin Time: 2023-05-16

MF Induction melting furnace

There are a few solutions and suggestions for using an Mediate frequency induction furnace in areas with unstable voltage and power outages:

1. Install a voltage stabilizer: A voltage stabilizer can help regulate the voltage and prevent fluctuations that can damage the furnace. It is recommended to install a stabilizer with a capacity that is 1.5 times the rated power of the furnace.

2. Use a backup power source: In case of power outages, having a backup power source like a generator or UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can keep the furnace running and prevent any damage.

3. Optimize furnace settings: Adjusting the furnace settings like power and frequency can help reduce the impact of voltage fluctuations and ensure stable operation.

4. Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of the furnace can help identify any issues early on and prevent any damage caused by voltage fluctuations.

5. In case of a power outage, it should be treated differently according to whether the metal is completely melted and reaches a certain temperature. If it has been melted to a certain temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the induction melting furnace can be poured out, and there is cooling water circulating in the induction coil to cool down the induction coil; if the metal is not melted, there is no need to dump the metal, only a high level of water passes through the induction coil If the metal melts and does not reach a certain temperature, and the metal solution is less, it can be tilted at a certain angle to allow the metal to solidify and ensure that the induction coil has cooling water circulation.

6. If the tilting mode of the medium frequency induction melting furnace is using reducer, the furnace body can be tilted manually; if the tilting mode of the medium frequency induction melting furnace is hydraulic, an emergency generator should be equipped to ensure that the generator can be started when a power failure occurs. Guarantee the cooling of the furnace body and the pouring of the metal liquid in the furnace body.

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